Cyclical & Seasonal Calendars

Welcome to WILD CYCLES. We've created these Cyclical Calendars to remind you that you're a child of Mother Nature; and you can feel a deep sense of belonging in nature with the moon, sun, tides and seasons on this land you call home. 

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Meet Caitlin - Owner of Life Wild

"I have a deep love for nature. I'm passionate about sharing women's wisdom. I believe in business for good. Why not combine all my passions into LIFE WILD.?

With studies & experiences in Wildlife Ecology, Conservation Science, Education, Nature Guiding, Compassionate Communication (NVC), Shamanic Womancraft & Rapport-based Relating, I can help guide you back to yourself using the power of nature and your wild woman within."

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For people, animals and our earth

Here at Life Wild, we believe in a grand future where humans and nature thrive in abundant harmony. We want to to live with love and reverence for our sacred selves, all our fellow beings, and our beautiful planet. 

Everything you find here is hand selected by us, shares our core values < KIND, CONSCIOUS, OPEN & GIVING >, is circular and has been made responsibly by us or another Australian business. Let's live #kindandwilddays together.

Life Wild - Natural Broom

simple, everyday products

that don't cost the earth

Our Mission

Our Mission is to connect you with nature every day. This is done through products & services aligning with the Laws of Health:


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