Life Wild | Living this festive season with purpose, meaning and joy

Living this festive season with purpose, meaning and joy

What does purpose, meaning and joy mean to you? We’ve been thinking about this a lot as we approach the season of jollyness, family gatherings, gifting and packaging being torn open left, right and centre.

When you’re living a life aligned with your values or aspiring to, do you want the latest plastic gimmick from your brother? Or what do you get your sister when she is already a corporate earth goddess? Sometimes it’s easy but sometimes it’s hard to find a beautiful thoughtful gift for your loved ones, particularly those who are trying to live their life to the beat of their own drum.

I can still remember some of the beautiful gifts I’ve received over the years - the ones I have loved the most are the gifts that weren’t the latest season, fad or whim, but the gifts that were beautiful, classic and timeless - gifts that, for me, had purpose and kept on giving long past the beautiful day when I received them. It may sound a little cliche but it’s so true. I’ll never forget when a very good friend of mine gave me a reusable ceramic coffee cup over a decade ago, when they were a rarity. I thought to myself, wow I love her - I had been meaning to get one of these for ages. It’s been with me ever since, and even though I dropped it just the other day, and the kind of drop where it broke (can you believe it!), it’s still in use and adorning the window sill for an array of purposes.


Life Wild | Sustainable Living

Can you gift someone purpose, meaning and joy? I think you possibly can. I think my beautiful reusable coffee cup was it. I think there have been other gifts like this too, for these gifts had the magic of being aligned with purpose, meaning and joy, and they made me feel all of those things and more.

Life Wild’s existence is to help you explore, discover and live how you really want to, more aligned with your values and with nature, and in doing that, help you to bring more purpose, meaning, joy and beauty to your everyday. Products that fulfil a purpose (both physical and metaphysical) and are useful, meaningful and bring joy are the very foundations of the intentions that have gone into creating the Life Wild range (and our business).

We’ve carefully made and curated products from Australian businesses which have been made in alignment with our core values  { to be kind, conscious, open }, and with respect for people, animals and our beautiful planet.


Life Wild | Sustainable Living

They each have purpose: each have a useful function to help you live how you want to - in alignment with your values and with nature, empowering you further in your choice to live a more sustainable life.

Their meaning is deep: they have been designed and made by Australian businesses, and demonstrate the principles of the circular economy, which recognises the finite nature of our resources and will help us all to shift our baseline to a more sustainable way of living. They all support local Australian businesses, industry, communities and causes.

Joy is their essence: if you’re one of us, you’ll get joy from eating your takeaway packaging free, or from knowing the people who have made your products have been treated fairly and ethically. You may also be overjoyed knowing the product that gives you so much joy is also a product that is not going to burden a landfill at the end of its life either. Now that is serious joy! Being able to be in control of your own impact and discern how you want to be and live in this world - heaven.


Life Wild | Sustainable Living

When you’re perusing the values-aligned Life Wild range, they are all potential gifts of purpose, meaning and joy to someone you love. Gifts that are timeless that empower the receiver - gifts that align with their life - gifts that add more beauty to their everyday - gifts that warm their heart - gifts that lift their spirits - gifts that give strength to the core of who they are. What is more, you can request gift wrapping which will be - you guessed it - aligned in every way: beautiful recycled brown paper which has been made in Sydney from post-consumer paper, biodegradable sticky tape and coconut rope for adorning - each is biodegradable or reusable or recyclable.  

We’ve also created a range of simple and beautiful Life Wild Greeting Cards so that everything is just how you want it to be. Select gift wrapping in your cart we’ll add all the joyous vibes we can to your package too.

If you want to plan something special, please get in touch - we’d love to help you out. Wishing you all the most beautiful, loving and safe festive season, and may 2019 be your best year yet.

Ashleigh / LW x


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