For the wild in us all

For the wild in us all

Life Wild is a place to discover the feeling of returning to nature, coming home to yourself, and living how you truly want to. It's a place to bathe in the beauty and magic of re-aligning your life with your values and what you truly care about. 

It's for those who want to live more mindfully and consume more consciously, in a world that loves and respects people, animals and our beautiful planet. For those who only want to buy products that fill their life with beauty, and which are sustainable, useful and practical. Products that are increasingly being designed to be kinder, better and circular, have been made responsibly, are wrapped in respectful packaging, and that have a solution for the end of their life which is not landfill. Products that are in line with your values, nourishing on every level, and zero waste forever, and ever more.

Life Wild | Home Collection

It's for those who want to buy from a business that does things differently and only wants to sell you things that you truly love and that will fulfil a beautiful purpose in your life. 

All this and more, Life Wild is a Australian business with transparent values and transparent processes. We avoid unsustainable materials, don't do toxins, care about how things are made, and seek to repurpose anything and everything. We're a local business which makes products from local sustainable materials and sources products from local makers and businesses. We're building on local industry, and supporting local communities and causes.

Life Wild | Life Wild Made

Life Wild is aspiring to make it easier for you to go beyond carrying your own shopping bag and reusable coffee cup, and feel beautifully connected to your core and what you love in the process. We’ve set the foundations for everything we do in our Core Values: being kind, conscious, and open, and the maker of every product we offer has confirmed they share these. 

We’re progressively bringing together makers and products that share our values to create a beautiful online community of elements that can help us all to live how we really want to: with more consciousness and connectivity to the beautiful beings and nature around us.

Over time we’re also going beyond being a values-based store – we’ve plans expand to being a hub for values-aligned places, experiences, practitioners and services. A great online collective of useful things, adventures, people and opportunities, all with the same (un)real vibe.

There’s so much already but there’ll be so much more soon too. Peruse the Opening Collection and sign up to the Life Wild Collective to benefit every time you shop. And if you're feeling it, please get in touch, we'd love to meet you and see where things go. 

LW x


Life Wild | Reusable Glass Bottle

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