Your day at work, wild

Your day at work, wild

Getting out the door on time is challenging enough, but when you’ve got to remember to have washed your reusable cup and adulting lunch box, there’s a whole new battle which, let’s face it, the ocean may have a hard time consistently winning.

We’ve put together a few of our favourite ideas that can help de-stress the morning and re-wild your work day.

1. More than one cup = so much more love

There are so many divine combinations that it’s easy to love more than one reusable cup these days, and it’s also super practical. We love The Minimalists, but when you’ve left your cup at work, been out the night before, or are just having a lazy morning, it can be an utter delight to grab your spare and rock out the door.

Spread this philosophy to all your reusables and you’ve just made your life so much easier, and no doubt the lives of a few grateful dolphins too.

What is more, a tiny trove of spares can also come in handy when friends are staying, or when you’re lending some consciousness to a lover that hasn’t yet made the realm shift. Mother Earth love, all round.

Life Wild - Live Life Wild Journal, Reusable Coffee Cups

2. Have a dedicated bag for your everyday needs

Whether you’re bag free or carry the world’s largest handbag in which you can never find anything, having a bag which fits all you’ll ever need to refuse single-use plastic et al daily can be rather helpful.

No thinking needed – just throw everything in when you’re unpacking the dishwasher, and you’ll never have to worry about missing your cutlery or forgetting your straw. Store it in an easily accessible kitchen cupboard or on the back of the front door, and voila, it’s just added a serene moment to your Monday rush. Here are our versions - they're made from locally sourced upcycled vintage fabrics. 

3. Are you wondering why you need a bag? The low down on what gets thrown in the bag

So, reusable coffee cups are standard, but here’s a few more things that might help you get through the day without looking for a bin.

  • Smoothies all day, everyday: with your reusable bottle and a reusable straw, or make sure you have some napkins if the #strawkling movement has you shunning straws all together.
  • Do you Acai on weekdays? Everything tastes better in a coconut bowl. Just don’t spill it on the trip back to the office, or drop it – these natural beauties need a little extra love and care.
  • Adulting Lunch Box: the one that’s beautiful and big enough for your salad, noodles, sushi, stir fry and more. What's more, our EarthStor Bamboo Bentos are sustainably made, zero waste at the end of their life, and hold between 750ml - 1L of food with an airtight lid, so they are super handy for so many different things. And for if you want to get a few different bits and pieces and separate them, then there’s….
  • Beeswax Wraps: So good if you're still a sandwich kind of kid or for when you want a sweet treat too. Even wrap a muffin in them instead of using a paper bag. Done and dusted.
  • Cutlery: even if your workplace has a stash in the kitchen, what if you hit the park at lunch? These beauties are made from bamboo and you can add a pair of chopsticks to them next time you grab sushi, and simply wash with everything else to reuse.
  • Napkins: gone are the days you’d get an embroidered hankie from your grandma on your birthday, but if you’re still getting them then you’re sorted. If not, grab a cloth you already have to act as your next napkin – the trees will thank you for it.

And the best? You’ll find all these delights in our Wild Out Kit or in our Reusables Collection. We’ve also got you covered on the bag to fit all and the napkins – we’ve made ours using upcycled vintage fabrics and the bag perfectly fits the entire kit. Nothing new here, just super useful stuff.

LW x

Life Wild - Live Life Wild Journal, Reusable Rose Gold Straw

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