Wild Out Kit

Our Wild Out Kit includes all the basics you need to roll through your day how you want to - trashless, planet-loving and joyful, as you're able to refuse single-use plastic and unnecessary takeaway containers forever. It's also a beautiful gift for your fellow spirits.

It includes:

See how your Wild Out Kit can make your day so much lighter in our Journal

By packing your Wild Out Kit with you daily, you'll be doing some great things for the planet and all of us:

  • You could stop around 700 takeaway coffee cups, 300 straws and 300 plastic bottles from needing to be disposed of, and potentially ending up in our precious waterways
  • Avoid a huge amount of unnecessary single-use plastic and paper packaging that can only be selectively recycled, if at all
  • Save a huge amount of disposable plastics and packaging that needs to be recycled, which we know is currently challenging and at best only 20% is recycled.

The main image shows the Reusable Coffee Cup and Bottle in Seaside Slate. Please see each product individually to view the other colours.

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