Reusable Coffee Cup Waterproof Pouch

Keep any remnants of coffee from going where you don't want it to with this waterproof, eco-friendly and reusable Pouch. 

Perfect to store your reusable coffee cup pre or post drinking, and to transport it too.

The best? When you're done, wipe out the inside of the Pouch and it's ready to go again.

  • Made by Bondi-based SoL Cups in China. SoL Cups is an Australian family-owned company, born from a desire to make a reusable cup that is environmentally friendly and won’t compromise your health. 

  • Approximately 17.5cm long and 23cm wide. Fits an 8oz and 12oz SoL Cup, and would likely fit others. See the SoL's here.

  • Wipe clean the plastic liner with a dish cloth, or handwash the Pouch in cold water with a gentle detergent.

  • The outer of the pouch is made from hemp with a hemp rope, and the inner lining is made from silicone.

    The hemp outer and rope can be separated and lovingly added to your compost. Silicone is not biodegradable but can be recycled, and is recycled in other countries but not widely in Australia. If you can't use again, please send yours back to us as we work on developing a solution for this, and include your details for 10% off your next Life Wild order, excluding shipping costs: Life Wild Recycling Program, PO BOX 118 Suffolk Park NSW 2481.

  • This product ships directly from Life Wild. When in stock, we will have it on its way to you within 1 - 2 business days. If pre-ordering and you'd like to know when to expect your bounty, please email us.

    Choose the ultimate in environmentally friendly packaging and your items will be packed in surplus boxes we've collected from local businesses, before they use more energy and resources by going to the recycling plant, or take up space in landfill.

    Or for something a little more beautiful, go for our post-consumer recycled box instead. It's your choice at checkout.


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