Wild You Kit

Our Wild You Kit includes divine basics that can seamlessly bring simple, natural and heart-warming luxury back to your daily skincare and personal routines. A beautiful gift for all the earthly gods and goddesses. It includes:

Explore how aligning your routine with nature can be ultra nourishing and liberating in our Journal.

By embracing a more natural and low tox routine, you'll be doing some great things for you, the planet and all of us:

  • You'll stop your contribution of plastic toothrbushes going to landfill, where they would take between 20 - 1,000 years to break down, and you'll keep them out of path of our vunerable wildlife
  • Avoid a huge amount of unnecessary soft plastic packaging that can only be selectively recycled by specialist recyclers 
  • Save a huge amount of disposable plastics and packaging that needs to be recycled, which we know is currently challenging and at best only 20% is recycled 
  • Reduce the amount of single-use wipes and other materials needing to be sent to landfill, which is a great thing all round.

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