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For people, animals & our earth.

Connecting you with nature, every day

Our Manifesto: A store and community for kind and aligned living.

We believe in a grand future where humans and nature thrive in abundant harmony. We want to live with love and reverence for our sacred selves, all our fellow beings, and our beautiful planet. How? We want to help make sustainable and regenerative living beautiful, accessible, seamless and easy. We want to connect you with nature every day, both inside and outside your homes.

We're doing things differently and we believe Einstein was right when he said 'we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them'. We've created our foundations with our Core Values in mind - to be kind, conscious and open, and we operate a functioning/aspirational circular business model that works to support local communities and economies.

All our products and services are aligned with our Core Values and our Mission and are designed to be kind to the planet and you, use less resources, be reused and minimise waste. We take responsibility for each product's end of life too, and provide 'End-of-life' ideas to help you to execute on a product’s circularity as we work to empower all of us to manage our own impact on our beautiful planet, and make it as positive as we possibly can.

With these foundations we’re progressively bringing together values-aligned local makers, who are hand selected and ethos-aligned (through our Alignment Questionnaire) and products that share our core values to create a marketplace and community that functions with kindness, consciousness and transparency - the dream. For #kindandwilddays, every day.

Our Mission: Connect & Rewild

Our Mission is to connect you with nature every day. This is done by offering products & services aligning with Laws of Radiant Health:







Life Wild

A personal note.

I have a deep love for nature. I believe in business for good. Why not combine all my passions?

After working as a Wildlife Ecologist and Environmental Educator for the past decade, it was time to be the change I wished to see in the world. I wanted to offer people an ethical and sustainable alternative when it came to their everyday household products... Without the greenwashing. It is possible to connect with nature inside and outside your homes.

The Planet needs each of us to do our part... and this starts at our wallets. What kind of world do you wish to live in?

Life Wild has recently moved to Lennox Head, NSW, a sleepiy beachside suburb south of Byron Bay. I am loving soaking up the salty Northern Rivers bliss and watching the humpback whale migration in my backyard.

I have personally hand selected each of the Life Wild products for their sustainability credentials, for you. I choose to only work with ethically-aligned Australian suppliers. Life Wild Made products are crafted here and in the Moreton Bay Region of Queensland. Life Wild is doing things very differently, even if at first it may seem the same on the outside. For more, see Our Difference, or get in touch with us to see how deep we go.

If you’d like to connect and/or collab, I’d love to meet you - drop me a line:

With love and connection,

Caitlin x

Life Wild

Life Wild

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