Life Wild

Our Core Values.

The Foundations of everything we do

A store and community for kind and aligned living.

We want to help make sustainable and regenerative living beautiful, accessible, seamless and easy.

Our Core Values > KIND, CONSCIOUS, OPEN & GIVING < are the foundations of everything we do - they're the basis for the community that we're contributing to, building and supporting, the products we offer, the way we think about sourcing, production, packaging and shipping, the way we do business, and the way we pay our providers and team members.

Every maker and their products that you find here has confirmed with us they share our Core Values, and more. How good is that? It's the start of something lovely. And while we're aiming for the stars, we're acknowledging that we need to operate with balance. We won't get everything right all the time and finding balance may at times be subjective, but it will all be intentioned to support the greater good.

Kind - to people, creatures and the planet, with reverence.

Subjective but essential, everyone will have a different view of what is kind and what isn't, but there are some pretty universal kindness indicators, such as sustainable materials and responsible manufacturing.

It’s our number one guiding light, and we're aspiring to make it easier for you to find and live your kind of kind.

Conscious - of our impact.

Do you think about your impact on our planet and every being in it? Are you happy with what you know and the direction we're heading in? Is your life and direction aligned with what you really care about?

We're aspiring to be a place to support us all to understand our impact and explore ways to help align it with our values and our true nature.

We believe that when we show ourselves love and compassion, and take steps to align ourselves and our lives towards our true nature, we take steps towards living more aligned with and healing our beautiful Earth.

Open - being transparent in all that we do.

If everything was open and transparent, it would be so much easier to know truth. We aim to engage openly with all and be as transparent as practical in our business activities, and like-wise with our business partners, and how we engage with them.

Importantly, we're aiming to embrace innovation, and aspiring to contribute to it, for good.

Giving - we give back to the earth and community that supports us.

We've partnered with Rainforest4 and their Rainforest Rangers project to replant The Big Scrub Rainforest - the largest area of lowland subtropical rainforest in Australia that was right at our doorsteps in the Byron Shire. Now sadly, there's only 1% remaining.

We're committed to donating 5% of profits for the rainforests PLUS you can also choose to donate extra for the cause at checkout.

An important message

While all our suppliers and affiliates have confirmed to us that they are broadly aligned with our Core Values, and we have made efforts to review the alignment between us, we acknowledge that we are all on a journey. We can't all be certified perfect by the perfect certifying group, but we can make efforts to try to be genuinely good, and we believe that our community does that, which is why they are part of our community. We will always try to give you the information that you need to make an informed decision.

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