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We're here to support kind and sustainable living, and the Life Wild Collective is our values-aligned heartful community. To share our appreciation for you being here, when you shop with us we'll send you a voucher code for 5% of what you spent to spend again next time you shop on, and every time you shop with us in future.

What's more this year we will soon be launching our expanded community offering - Soul ~ Home ~ Earth - with interviews and podcasts, events and collaborations, all in time. See more of what it will explore and find all the details of how you can benefit when you shop below.

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Soul ~ Home ~ Earth

Introducing the birth of our expanded community offering for 2019 and beyond. Life Wild was born for a coming home - a coming home to our values and who we really are at our core - not just at a superficial level, and not just on the weekends, but in every way possible, everyday.

This coming home is a beautiful tapestry of learnings, opportunities and inspiration, and the Life Wild Collective will be a portal into this evolving book of wisdom, experiences and connections. We'll initially be starting with interviews of some incredible local folk, and eventually we'll expand to a Podcast, workshops and events around town(s).

There will be three pillars to explore: Soul - Home - Earth. Each ultimately interwine and support each other, but all have their unique gifts to share. By being part of the Life Wild Collective, you'll have front row access to all the magic and allow us to express our gratitude to you every time you shop on - sign up here and find all the details of what will be explored when it's released (soon), as well as our way of saying thank you for being here.

Life Wild | Our Manifesto


Know thyself. ~ Socrates

Soul is a space for exploring offerings which can help us to reconnect with and nourish our true beings. Delve into rich experiences that have the potential to open your heart and mind, embolden your values, passions, joys and connections, and draw you closer to your own intuition, purpose, healing, growth and expansion.

Do the things you’ve always wanted to do, connect with the concepts, cultures and practices that intrigue you, and bask in the light of discovering new things which might be just what you’ve been looking for.

You may remember your true nature, your power, your purpose and what you love. You may find the courage to curate your life, just how you dream of it being: fully in alignment with who you are.


Your sacred place

Home is a space for exploring ways to align the foundations of our lives and our homes with our values, who we are, and the way we truly want to live.

From creating rituals in our daily routines, organising and cleaning our homes, and decluttering our wardrobes, to our kitchens and how you we do our grocery shopping, how we think about and use ingredients, and minimising waste in the kitchen and beyond.

Create your sacred space; create your sacred platform; create your lifestyle that is who you are, and have the relationship with all that you surround yourself with and consume that is truly aligned with you.


Where we stand

Re-wild your soul, re-wild your being, re-wild your life. A space to deepen our Earthly wisdom and reconnect with, acknowledge, honour and support nature, wherever we live.

Be immersed in wisdom about our native heritage, biomes, biodiversity, ecology, flora and fauna and why they matter. Understand the connections we have to the earth, how we currently use the Earth’s resources and how we could live in greater harmony with the Earth in future.

Ignite your own conservationist, start your own movement, and encourage others to join you in living your connection with the Earth that nourishes us and all the planet, and nourish it in return.

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It's for you

Delve into the { future } offerings at your leisure. Connect with like-minded souls. Tell us what you want to explore - we're listening. Be appreciated when you connect and shop with us. Sign up here.

When you're a part of the community, every time you shop on, you’ll get a voucher for 5% of what you spent (excluding any shipping costs), to spend with Life Wild the next time you shop, regardless of how much you spend or how many times you shop. It's our way of saying thank you and expressing our appreciation for you, consistent with our values.

How does it work?

There are no catches, but it does exclude shipping costs and Tiny Homes (not that you can 'buy' them directly here, but we have a different thank you for these, have you seen?). It's also not transferable at this stage, but if you would like to give your voucher as a gift, get in touch and we'll see what we can do! And like all things, we retain the right to change the T&Cs of our Life Wild Collective from time to time, but its essence will always remain true to our values and purpose.

When you shop on, within a month after we've dispatched your goods we'll email you a voucher code that you can use once on, using the same email address that you used to shop originally. To be able to use it, you need to spend more than it's worth, and you can save them up ~ if you choose to do this, we'll aggregate the amounts you collect each time you shop and send you a new voucher for the aggregated amount each time.

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Life Wild | For you, your home & your life, the way nature intended

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