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When we can't readily find products that align with our Core Values and circular economy principles, we think about how we could make them from materials that are already in use. We've done this with things like our Circular Denim Totes, made from post-consumer denim, and our favourite landfill diversion of all: our salvaged jute coffee sacks. Turns out they can be incredible plastic-free, reusable and beautiful garbage bag and bin liners, when you're composting and removing liquids from your bin. What's more, you can probably get some from your local coffee shop for free too - total earth goals.

We also have ambitions to recycle everything that we can't remake or compost, and particularly material components of wares we offer that can be technically, but aren't conventionally or accessibly recycled, like Silicone Rubber. We are open as an avenue for you to be able to pass on some of your items that are no longer for you for either specialist recycling/remanufacturing, or to remake them into a second life, and a second life that is far from clogging up a charity bin or landfill site. 

How does it work?

Wild Reuse, Remake & Recycle is designed to be a depository for things in your life that are no longer for you. We accept items for reuse, remake or that need specialist recycling, and we'll share ideas to reuse and remake things too, and give you the option to recirculate your creations.

We're starting with certain items to reuse and remake them for Life Wild Made products, as well as materials in our range that require specialist recycling. We'll also run workshops where you can reuse or remake your own things too - stay tuned for the first evening under a New Moon soon.

And when you contribute your things, we'd love to extend our appreciation by signing you up to our community - the Life Wild Collective - and giving you a code for 10% off your next purchase at Thereafter when you're part of the Life Wild Collective, every time you shop on, you'll receive a code for 5% of what you spent to spend again next time you shop, and every time you shop with us in future. Running endless sale campaigns is not aligned with our values or mission, but this is our way of saying thank you that we believe is aligned with our values.

What can you send us?

For reusing and remaking, our starting list is here:

- 100% Cotton Denim Jeans - clean and in good condition
- 100% Natural fibre fabric, sheets or towels of any kind and broadly over 50cm x 50cm in dimensions - clean and in good condition
- 100% Natural fibre threads, yarns and ropes - clean and in good condition
- 100% Natural fibre woven baskets
- Tools including hammers, shovels and spades in need of reconditioning
- Old planter boxes, pots and stands
- Old homewares vessels (like jug, vases and bottles) that are still in good condition

For specialist recycling, send us your:
- Silicone Rubber lids and sleeves, straps, bag and bottle inners, or other consumer parts, that you can no longer reuse
- Onya products made from recycled PET, like the Reusable Bread Bag, Reusable Produce Bags and Reusable Bulk Food Bags. And you don’t have to have bought them from us to send them back to us and benefit – we’re super happy to help you and the planet out in any we can
- Wild Search's natural skincare empty glass jars with lid - we'll then pass these onto Wild Search to reuse
- LovEarth’s all natural Yoga Mats, for us to pass onto LovEarth to recycle or upcycle.

And if you've got empty beauty products which can't be recycled kerbside and they're shown here, clean them of product and find a local Terracycle drop off point or send them to us to pass onto Terracycle for recycling. Likewise if you have one of these mailing satchels, find a drop off location near you here, or send them back to us to pass onto Terracycle.

For everything you want to send to us, please send or drop them off to our Mullum HQ between 10am - 5pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays:

Life Wild HQ
The Kollective Mullum
2/116 Stuart St
Mullumbimby NSW 2482

And please don't forget to include your contact details and email address so that we can send you our enormous thanks and your code for 10% off (and just to be sure, this is only open to residents of our Great Southern Land).

Thank you so much for being here and participating - you mean a lot,

LW x

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