Australian Celtic Cyclical Calendar - WILD CYCLES - Southern Hemisphere - Digital PDF & A3 Posters

Introducing our WILD CYCLES Australian Celtic Cyclical Calendar.

Have you ever wanted to hold a visual representation of all we experience as women?

Have you ever wondered how, with ancestry elsewhere to this Australian land, you can feel a sense of belonging, rhythm and flow with nature?

We've created this Women's Cyclical Calendar to remind you that you're a child of Mother Nature; the divine, and you can feel a deep sense of belonging with the moon, sun, tides and seasons on this land you call home. 

Packed with layer upon layer of cyclical wisdom from Mother Earth including the cycles of the sun, the moon, the seasons, the day, the year, the month, a woman's life, pregnancy & birth, butterfly's life cycle, menstruation and more.

It also includes the 8 seasonal Sabbats - the traditional Celtic ceremonies which were carried out in line with the astrological points in time that distinguished the seasons. These have been flipped to align with our true Australian/ Southern Hemisphere seasons, NOT following the Northern Hemisphere.

This cyclical calendar is a stunning visual representation of the cycles of life that affect us all daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Use it as a digital download or print it out as an A3 poster and hang on your wall. It's also a great tool to educate your children, visitors, housemates and partners alike!

This is a perpetual calendar that has no beginning and no end. Use it all year round, daily, weekly, monthly and in the cycles of the seasons. Suitable for children, teens and adults (although the interpretations will have to be age and child specific).

*This product was designed and created on Bundjalung Country, northern NSW, for use in Australia (but could also be used anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere). We send our respects to the Arakwal people and the traditional custodians of Bundjalung Country where we live and conduct our business.

**The printed A3 posters are made in NSW using 100% post-consumer recycled paper, non-toxic inks and 100% solar power.

***These interpretations of the cyclical seasons of nature were born from my own experiences of my Celtic ancestry born & raised in Australia, ancient Celtic and other European teachings and women's wisdom from the School of Shamanic Womencraft and Jane Hardwicke Collings.

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