Beginner's Glass Pleasure Wand

Bring some more wild pleasure into your life!

This "Crescent Dearmouring Wand" by Yoni Pleasure Palace is the perfect tool for gentle vaginal de-armouring, releasing pelvic tension and also G-spot pleasure!

It has one larger end and one smaller end, meaning you can choose which size you wish to massage internally. We recommend starting with the smaller bulbous tip and working your way up to the larger end when you feel more aroused and open.

Many women have chronic pelvic floor tension or vaginismus, because of things such as stress, birth trauma, sexual abuse, invasive surgery, constantly sucking your tummy in, cultural conditioning and other psycho-somatic related experiences that store physical tension inside the vaginal walls and cervix.

Massaging or self pleasuring using The Crescent will help massage out knots of tension and spots of pain or numbness. We recommend using with your favourite coconut oil or organic lubricant.

If de-armouring isn’t your thing, The Crescent is also a fun double-ended dildo, which can assist G-spot pleasure and help you to squirt

*Each Pleasure Wand is a lovingly crafted work of art, which may be unique in colour, size, weight, natural impurities and crystalline inclusions and lines.

The best? Made with gorgeous and safe clear borosilicate glass by the goddesses at Yoni Pleasure Palace. We are all about adding more (wild & conscious) pleasure to your lives! We recommend checking out the resources on how to use this pleasure wand on the YPP/ Rosie Rees website >How to De-armour Your Vagina (Do a Yoni Massage) in 5 Easy Steps (rosierees.com)

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  • Designed in Australia by Yoni Pleasure Palace in Perth, WA

  • Pleasure Wand is 19.4cm long by 2.8cm wide at smaller end and 3.4cm bigger end. Weighs 102 grams.

  • Store in a dry, protected place in the protective box or pouch. To wash after each use, use warm soapy water. Handle carefully when wet as it can be slippery.

  • This pleasure wand is made using high quality, borosilicate glass. If it breaks, or you're finished using it as an internal or external massage tool, you can repurpose to your alter or garden. This product will not break down. Do not use if it is dropped, cracked or split in any way.

    The packaging is made from recycled and post consumer waste and is recyclable and biodegradable when you're done with it.

  • This product ships directly from Life Wild. When in stock, we will have it on its way to you within 1 - 2 business days. If pre-ordering and you'd like to know when to expect your bounty, please email us.

    Choose the ultimate in environmentally friendly packaging and your items will be packed in surplus boxes we've collected from local businesses, before they use more energy and resources by going to the recycling plant, or take up space in landfill.

    Or for something a little more beautiful, go for our post-consumer recycled box instead. It's your choice at checkout.

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