Eco Max Natural Indoor Broom

READ FIRST > Due to the bulky nature of this product, it can be over $40 to ship to you, and over $100 if you're in a remote area. Contact us before purchase to arrange shipping.

This eco-friendly and natural Indoor Broom has been ethically handmade in Sri Lanka using anti-bacterial unbleached coconut fibre bristles, a FSC-certified eucalyptus wood handle, and a FSC-certified rubber wood head. It will not smell, go mouldy or ball at the ends - perfect for every earth-loving home. 

The natural plant bristles make it easy to sweep and not flick dust. They are also easy to wash and long wearing.

The best? 100% toxin-free and plastic-free, these beautiful, natural brooms provide a zero waste and sustainable solution to cleaning your home. 

  • Made by Australian company, Import Ants, ethically in Sri Lanka. Import Ants believe in the power of positive change to a more ethical and sustainable life, and are endorsed by the Fair Trade Associaton of Australia. Their products are made in accordance with the 10 Fair Trade Principles, which encompass safe and non-discriminatory work places, a living wage, and sustainable manufacturing.

    Eco Max Brushes are natural, biodegradable and registered with The Vegan Society. 

  • Approximately 150cm long, and the brush is approximately 30cm wide.

  • Rinse with mild soapy water and hang in the sun to dry. Hang to store.

  • We love Import Ants' commitment to sustainability and looking at the whole life cycle of their products and the impact they have on our world, which we share.

    Once your broom has reached the end of its life, use the handle for something else or add it and the broom head to your compost (you can cut up the handle and the broom head to speed up the process if you like). There is a metal component at the base of the handle which can be sifted out of your compost and recycled at the scrap metal recycler once the wood has broken down. 

  • This product ships directly from Life Wild. It is a bulky product and while we've tried to manage the shipping cost estimates when you Checkout, if your delivery address is a long distance from our HQ, or regional or remote, we may need to revise the cost estimate to ship this lovely broom to you. If this is you, please get in touch and we can work out how best to share the love with you:

    When in stock, we will have it on its way to you within 1 - 2 business days. If pre-ordering and you'd like to know when to expect your bounty, please email us.