Eco Max Natural Scrubbing Brush

This eco-friendly and natural Scrubbing Brush is ethically handmade in Sri Lanka using a mixture of Tampico, a form of cactus, and Rice Root fibres, and a FSC-certified rubber wood base.

Tampico is a strong yet softer fibre and gives a good overall clean, while Rice Root is naturally springy, slightly curly and extremely tough, which gives the Scrubbing Brush extra strength for hard scouring.

The best? 100% toxin-free and plastic-free, the comfortable handle combined with the two superior natural fibres make this a great and zero waste natural cleaning brush for every earth-loving home.

  • Made by Australian company, Import Ants, ethically in Sri Lanka. Import Ants believe in the power of positive change to a more ethical and sustainable life, and are endorsed by the Fair Trade Associaton of Australia. Their products are made in accordance with the 10 Fair Trade Principles, which encompass safe and non-discriminatory work places, a living wage, and sustainable manufacturing.

    Eco Max Brushes are natural, biodegradable and registered with The Vegan Society. 

  • Approximately 16cm long x 7.5cm wide x 6cm deep.

  • Rinse and stand on its bristles to drain away from the timber. Do not leave the timber soaking in water.

  • We love Import Ants' commitment to sustainability and looking at the whole life cycle of their products and the impact they have on our world, which we share.

    Once your Scrubbing Brush has reached the end of its life, add it to your compost (you can cut up the handle to speed up the process if you like) and let it naturally breakdown. 

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