Inner Tent – 4m Bell Tent

This Inner Tent provides the option to create a separate homely bedroom space inside your 4m Londonderry Bell Tent from The Seek Society.

It's easy and quick to set up utilising the hooks already secured to the inner walls and the middle pole of your bell tent. It will take up approximately half of the space and features mosquito netting and its own ground sheet.

The best? Luxury like no other, it's the ultimate in earth-loving gear for all your festivals, retreats, road trips, camp outs, events and parties. Built to last and not for landfill by the legends at The Seek Society.  

  • Designed in Australia and made by The Seek Society responsibly in China. The Seek Society is an earth conscious business specialising in quality camping and outdoor essentials. They design their products to be built to last and utilise sustainable materials to do so, so that whilst we're all enjoying the earth with their values-aligned gear, we're not destroying it. We love these two.

  • Approximately 4m in diameter, 2.5m high, and fits within your 4m Londonderry Bell Tent. Weighs 5kg.

    Delivers packaged in box 95 x 30 x 30 cm.

  • The Inner Tent should last you a very long time and includes 12-month manufacturers warranty, which excludes mould damage from improper storage.

    If over time your Inner Tent happens to get any rips or tears or needs repairing in any way, these will likely to be able to be repaired by an appropriate machinist - or you can try your local Saddlery to see if they might be able to repair it too.

  • If in many years time it’s finally done and can no longer be repaired, you may be able to upcycle or recycle components (such as the netting), or if it’s beyond use, please send it back to us for careful reuse and disposal, and 5% off your next purchase: Life Wild Reuse Program, PO BOX 118, Suffolk Park NSW 2481.

  • This product ships directly from the supplier. When in stock, we will have it  on its way to you within 1 - 2 business days. If pre-ordering and you'd like to know when to expect your Inner Bell Tent for all future adventures, please email us.

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