Orto Self-Watering Planter Box - 115L

Introducing the ulimate in self-watering sustainable veggie garden dreams - Orto's Self-Watering Planter Boxes. Handmade in Melbourne by Orto Urban Gardens, the planter boxes have an internal wicking bed that feeds your plants water from below. All you need to do is place it somewhere with enough sunlight, keep the reservoir filled via the level checker, tend it a little, and harvest your bounty.

The outer is made from sustainably sourced Australian plantation Cypress wood that has not been chemically treated, and the internal system is 5mm thick food-grade plastic, made in Australia from the off-cuts of water tanks.

Made for Australian conditions, it uses 50% less water than traditional gardens. Choose to have castor wheels to move around on hard level surfaces or timber feet if going onto grass or gravel.

The best? We know, how does it get any better than this? You don't need to be an expert (or even close) to grow your own fresh herbs and veggies. It's perfect for anyone and particularly the busy human who wants to have all the benefits of growing their own food, whether you have outdoor space or not. The overflow system will ensure you never over water your future salad greens, and the water reservoir will feed them when you're away adventuring. 

  • These dreams are made to order in Melbourne. Please allow 1 - 4 weeks for delivery, and please order early if you need it by a certain time.

  • Made in Australia by Orto Urban Gardens. We admire everything about this business. They hand make their natural innovations in Footscray in Melbourne at a co-operative workshop, and many of their planter boxes can be found in some of Melbourne's most delicious fresh food conscious cafes.

  • Approximately 90cm long x 42cm wide x 69cm high, plus 3cm on one end for overflow pipe.

    Soil depth is 45cm, allowing you to grow most vegetables and herbs, and it takes 28L in the water storage tank.

    You'll need to gather four to five 25L bags of soil from a friend or your local nursery to fill your planter, and see our range of Australian organic seeds here to get you started. 

  • For the system to work effectively, you should not water your plants from the top, and only add water via the reservoir. The wicking process is driven by the moisture differential between wet soil (at the bottom) and dry soil (at the top). The greater the differential, the better the wicking works, so watering from the top will just stop the process from working. Please note that a week of heavy rain can produce the same conditions as watering from the top (even with the overflow), so Orto recommends to help dry out the soil by letting some water out from the bottom when it stops raining. 

    Physically your box should be fine to last and last without treatment - Cypress has a class 1 durability rating due to its natural oils and will last outdoors above ground for forty years.

  • Your planter box should last a very long time, and should be able to be repaired if ever needed in future to increase its longevity. For when it may be finally done, it can be pulled apart and all of its elements should be able to be re-used, composted or recycled. Get in touch with us in future with any questions.

  • This product ships directly from Orto Urban Gardens. Please allow 1 - 4 weeks for delivery. Shipping within 10kms of the Melbourne CBD is $59, and for all other non-regional locations, it starts at $99. So we can ensure you are accurately charged and not overpaying for shipping, or if you're buying more than one, we'll be in touch with you when you order to confirm shipping charges. If you would like a shipping quote, please email us.

    Shipping within Melbourne CBD will be zero waste packaging, and packaging to ship elsewhere will be recyclable.

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