Reusable Bamboo Straw

We love theotherstraw's 100% organic, natural and handcrafted bamboo straw, made in Northern Vietnam.  

Reduce your waste with reusable straws that are aligned with your values, eco-friendly, sustainable and ethically sourced.

The best? theotherstraw work alongside local groups and ethnic minorities to design, grow and harvest their bamboo straws, ensuring that the farming and manufacturing is sustainable and provides a stable income for locals. We love them.  

  • Made by Australian company, theotherstraw, in Northern Vietnam. theotherstraw was founded in response to one of the world's biggest challenges: plastic pollution. They are a Melbourne-based sustainable enterprise which works with producers from ethnic minority groups in Northern Vietnam to make their products, ensuring their producers receive a prosperous and fair wage with healthy working conditions. They keep their carbon footprint small through resource recycling and energy conservation, and a portion of their profits goes towards supporting projects that protect the world's oceans and marine life. We love theotherstraw.

  • The straw is 20cm long and 10mm in diameter - perfect for juices, smoothies, kombucha and more.

  • Rinse after use and wash in the dishwasher or by hand with the natural cleaning brush. 

  • This product is durable and should last at least 12 months. When it's finally done, you can add it to your compost to biodegrade naturally. If you have a cleaning brush which is on its last legs, add it to your compost too until the coconut fibre bristles degrade, and then sift out the metal and add it to your metal recyclying bin if your council will allow, or take it to a scrap metal recycler.

  • This product ships directly from Life Wild. When in stock, we will have it on its way to you within 1 - 2 business days. If pre-ordering and you'd like to know when to expect your bounty, please email us.

    Choose the ultimate in environmentally friendly packaging and your items will be packed in surplus boxes we've collected from local businesses, before they use more energy and resources by going to the recycling plant, or take up space in landfill.

    Or for something a little more beautiful, go for our post-consumer recycled box instead. It's your choice at checkout.