Reusable Organic Hemp Fibre Nut Milk Bag

Make your own plant-based milks, cheese, or cold brew et al with this organic, natural and completely zero waste Australian made reusable nut milk bag.  

Made from 100% GOTS certified Hemp fabric and Cotton thread, it's been made in Australia by Hemp Tribe. Vegan, biodegradable, compostable and divine. 

The best? It's tightly woven for pulp free milk, and when you've drained your milk, either compost the remaining fibre or do what we do and add it to your smoothie blend or other recipes for the utimate in fighting food waste at home.

  • Made by Australian company, Hemp Tribe, in Australia. Hemp Tribe is a family owned and operated company that utilises an abundant resource in Hemp to support healthy, prosperous and peaceful communities. Their mission is to help people to make small changes ​that will benefit their health and the earth. 

  • 24 x 27cm with rounded corners for ease and efficiency of use.

  • Before first use, hand wash the bag with organic soap (not laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid), rinse well and sanitise in boiling water for 15 minutes. Dry in well ventilated area.

    For ongoing care, hand wash the bag with organic soap and air well to dry on your dish rack, or in direct sunlight. Sanitise in boiling water regularly as needed.

    Please note your bag may discolour over time from boiling, which is normal.
    Not suitable for the dishwasher.

    Quick drying is important. Drying is usually quick if it takes 1-2 hours, and make sure that your bag is completely dry before storage. 

  • The packaging of this bag is cellophane and paper card. The cellophane can be added to your compost, and the card can be kept or recycled.

    This nut milk bag should have a very long life but when it's finally done, as it's 100% Hemp and cotton thread, it can be added to your compost. Cut it up into smaller pieces to help it break down quicker.

  • This product ships directly from Life Wild. When in stock, we will have it on its way to you within 1 - 2 business days. If pre-ordering and you'd like to know when to expect your bounty, please email us.

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