Shemana DREAM Therapy Mist

Our favourite ritual products are here - Shemana. Natural plant-based ingredients - Non-toxic - Vegan Friendly - Cruelty Free - Handmade in Australia.

Invite a supreme sense of serenity with an essential oil sensory journey of Sandalwood, Bergamot, Lavender and Rose essential oils.

Infused with a specially selected Crystalline remedy, designed to assist with recognition and understanding of the subconscious. Allowing inspiration to be awakened and your deepest desires to be revealed, so that dreams may come true.

CRYSTALLINE THERAPY Designed to assist with recognition and understanding of the subconscious. Awakening the courage and persistence to follow one’s dreams. Invites calm, peaceful and gentle awareness into one's realm.

KEY ASPECTS: Awareness, Surrender, Wholeness, Dreamwork, Relaxed State, Peaceful Sleep. 

The best? Shemana products are made locally in sustainable small batches with the highest of integrity, pure intentions, conscious thought, and ancient alchemical understandings.

  • Pure Water, Jojoba Oil
    ESSENTIAL OILS: Sandalwood, Vanilla Absolute, Rose Absolute, Lavender*, Bergamot, Cedarwood. Polysorbate 20, Phenoxyethanol
    CRYSTAL & WILDFLOWER ESSENCE: Jade+, Apophyllite+, Black Onyx+, Slender Rice Flower+.

    *Certified Organic, + Wildcrafted

  • Made in northern NSW by Shemana.

  • 100ml Miron violet glass bottle + atomiser + printed box.

  • Spray over your bed to activate "Crystal Bed" of sleep support, facilitating a smooth transition between the states of consciousness and enhancing cognitive dream recall. Use as a Body Mist to align all aspects of the self. Use as a Room Spray or Pillow Mist to welcome a deep relaxing atmosphere. Keep stored in a dry cool place. External Use Only.

  • The miron glass bottle is recyclable and reusable; the atomiser is recyclable in hard plastic recycling and the cardboard box and packaging is recyclable or compostable.

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