The Nomad – 3m Canvas Bell Tent - Durable & Ready for Adventure

This high quality 3m Bell Tent has been designed in Australia by The Seek Society and is made from waterproof army grade canvas which is fire retardant, UV and mould resistant. With the right care, it will last a lifetime, and it's a great environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tents for car campers, festival goers, and adventurers alike.

It's designed to be durable, functional, and easy to pitch, with room to sleep two adults comfortably via a double mattress or three singles, with space for your kit and luggage.  

The best? It's so good in so many ways ~ it's the ultimate in earth-loving luxury for all your festivals, road trips, camp outs, events and parties. Built to last and not for landfill by the legends at The Seek Society.  

    • 3m in diameter and 2.5m high in centre, with door height of 1.5m
    • Made with 380gsm cotton army grade cotton canvas and the groundsheet is 540gsm ripstop PVC. Cotton canvas that has been mould, fire, waterproofed and UV treated, and the floor is rubberised, durable and waterproof
    • Excellent ventilation: your tent has ventilation panels at the apex of the roof with storm flaps and mosquito mesh, and 4 separate half moon windows around the walls, also with mosquito mesh
    • Refined design means an easy pitch bell tent in just 3 steps - pitch it by yourself or with two people you'll be relaxing in it in around 10 minutes
    • High grade windows and doors zip close completely with durable YKK zips, allowing you to safely leave your main doors open at night 
    • Quality stainless steel poles and pegs are included in the tent bag, with heavy gauge ropes and strong but lightweight adjusters (1 x centre pole, 1 x ‘A’ frame door pole, 13 x high quality ground pegs, 13 x high quality stakes for guy lines, 13 x guy lines)
    • 3 x bags to hold the Bell Tent, poles and pegs
    • You’ll need to season your tent prior to first camp out to make it waterproof - see Set-up for details
    • You also have the option to roll up walls to make a canopy style shade tent
    • Power chord access slot/flap
    • Two storage pockets within the interior to keep your essentials
    • 12-month manufacturers warranty, which excludes mould damage from improper storage
    • Soft-copy Bell Tent Instruction Booklet emailed to you once you buy your Nomad Bell Tent
  • The Seek Society's Nomad Bell Tent is easy to set up and pack down with only two poles, one pole for the centre and the other for the doorway. It involves 3-steps: peg in the ground sheet tightly, place the poles up, and then peg in and tighten the guy lines. It should end up taking you less than 10 minutes with two people, however if you’re travelling solo or on your own to pitch it, it can easily be put up by one person.

    Before first use you'll need to season your Nomad Bell Tent. You need to do this because when canvas tents are sewn, the needle on the seam lines leaves a sightly larger hole than the thread itself. When you season them (saturate with water), the cotton then swells and closes completely, and your tent will then be watertight. To do this, pitch your tent on flat ground near a hose, then hose your tent till it's saturated all over, and particularly in the seams. Then let it dry and repeat this process another 2 times and you will have a seasoned Bell Tent. Let it dry completely before packing away, and never leave it or pack it wet to maintain its longevity. The first time your tent gets wet it may leak a little, but don’t worry, this is normal, particularly if you're seasoning your tent. This will reduce as it dries out, and won't happen again once you've finished seasoning it. 

  • Designed in Australia and made by The Seek Society responsibly in China. The Seek Society is an earth conscious business specialising in quality camping and outdoor essentials. They design their products to be built to last and utilise sustainable materials to do so, so that whilst we're all enjoying the earth with their values-aligned gear, we're not destroying it. We love these two.

  • Approximately 3m in diameter, 2.5m high with door height 1.5m. Weighs 20kg.

    Delivers packaged in box 85cm x 26cm x 26cm.

  • See Set-up on how to season your Bell Tent before first use. The best way to look after your tent is to always store it dry, and it will likely last you a lifetime. The canvas has been treated to protect it from dirt, ultraviolet radiation and fungus which makes it mould resistant but not mould proof, so keep it stored in a cool, dry place and it'll be fine. 

    The Nomad Bell Tent should last you a very long time and includes 12-month manufacturers warranty, which excludes mould damage from improper storage.

    If over time your Bell Tent happens to get any rips or tears or needs repairing in any way, these will likely to be able to be repaired by an appropriate machinist or your local Saddlery that does horse rug repairs.

  • If in many years time it’s finally done and can no longer be repaired, you may be able to upcycle or recycle components (such as the poles and pegs), or if it’s beyond use, send it back to us for careful reuse and disposal, and 10% off your next purchase: Life Wild Reuse Program, PO BOX 118 Suffolk Park NSW 2481.

  • This product ships directly from the supplier. When in stock, we will have it on its way to you within 1 - 2 business days. If pre-ordering and you'd like to know when to expect your Bell Tent for all future adventures, please email us.

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