WILD FIRE - Primitive Fire Workshop - new date TBA '23

Ever wanted to be a badarse bush survivalist?

Have you ever stopped to think about the energy source that fire is, before you strike that match?

What is yours and your ancestors' relationships to fire? Do you know how your ancestors used to light fire to stay warm, cook their food, modify landscapes, use as
warfare, scare away predators and make tools?

Tap into your Inner Fire.
Welcome to the Wild Fire 1-day Workshop 2023! 

In this workshop, we'll explore the element of fire, the historical uses of fire by early humans, how fire has shaped our cultures and landscapes today, and the significance (and concerns) of fire in the modern day. We'll also teach you the practicalities and different techniques of building, lighting and keeping a fire lit, using the hand drill, bow drill and flint & steel methods.

Did you know: There is scientific evidence of early humans using fire more than 1.7 million years ago! All our ancestors were doin' it - it's how we have evolved today!

The deets:

When: TBA
Where: Nashua, Byron Hinterland NSW
BYO: Drink bottle, snacks, boots, hat, fixed blade wood carving knife and axe/hatchet (if you have one). Organic, homegrown Lunch included.
Investment: $159 per adult. Children over 12 yrs can also attend with an adult, for half the adult price.
Included: Expert tuition for 5 hours of up to 3x primitive fire lighting techniques, your own hand-drill fire kit made from local materials, a wholesome lunch in a beautiful regenerated farmland setting.

Activate your inner fire and strength as you call on these ancestral practices of fire making.

The best? 

You will come away from this workshop passionately inspired and activated, and with all the practical tools you'll need to make primitive fire at home.

About the Venue and Lunch?

We will be nestled on beautiful Bangalow land, in Bundjalung country, northern NSW. Our delicious lunch is being provided by the venue host, Louisa Cooymans, and includes a homegrown, organic feast of slow cooked medicinal vegetarian miso or chicken broth, sprouted grain bread, foraged salad, all with a wild variety of species from the land. A strong brew of chai will be running all day.

* Please note - we do not teach Aboriginal Australian culture, except when we have an Aboriginal mentor present. We mostly teach from our western science perspective with Celtic roots. We have learnt these skills from mentors from all over - Aboriginal Australians, Americans, Australians, our Celtic roots. All our ancestors, not matter where you are from, practiced these ancestral, primitive survival skills and they are not owned by any one culture, but borrowed and adapted over time from others. That's the beauty of being human! We are all connected.