Wild Home Kit

Our Wild Home Kit includes eco-friendly, low tox and natural everyday basics that will turn your home chores into heart-warming rituals that fully embody everything you care about. Its divine shades of nature can be a beautiful gift for your loved ones too. It includes:

See how your Wild Home Kit can re-wild your home in our Journal

By re-wilding your home, you'll be doing some great things for you and our planet:

  • You'll stop the majority of your food waste from entering landfill, saving harmful GHGs being emitted when it breaks down, and you'll make yourself a natural fertiliser for your plants too
  • Avoid a huge amount of unnecessary and landfill-bound plastic brushes, cloths and wraps over your lifetime, and instead replace them with beautiful natural solutions that can be composted at the end of their life
  • Save a huge amount of disposable plastics and packaging that needs to be recycled, which we know is currently challenging and at best only 20% is recycled 
  • Your bin will not only be natural and save you economically in the long-run, but it will also be so much lighter, and maybe you won't need to take it out so much? Total bonus.

Please note the Kit does include the Scrubbing Brush which is not shown in the main image, and does not include the Dust Brush in the main image. Find all our natural home cleaning wares in our Home Collection.

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