Wild Shop Kit

Our Wild Shop Kit includes all the basics you need to go beyond a plastic bag ban and do your whole grocery shop surplus packaging free. It also can be a great gift for the earth-lover who's building their sustainable living trove. It includes:

See how Wild Shop can help take your grocery shop for a walk in the wilderness in our Journal. If the style of the Circular Denim Tote that you would like is currently not in stock, Pre-order now and we'll have your Wild Shop Kit on the way to you within 5 business days.

With the Wild Shop Kit you'll be doing some great things for you, the planet and all of us:

  • You'll stop around 160 plastic bags from going to landfill or the ocean every year where they take between 20 - 1,000 years to break down, and you'll keep them out of path of mermaids and our vunerable wildlife
  • Avoid a huge amount of unnecessary soft plastic packaging that can only be selectively recycled by specialist recyclers 
  • Save a huge amount of disposable plastics and packaging that needs to be recycled, which we know is currently challenging and at best only 20% is recycled 
  • Your bin will be so much lighter, and maybe you won't need to take it out so much? Total bonus.

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