WILD WEAVING - Forage & Weave Workshop - date TBC - ONLINE

We're going online! Join us for this special Zoom version of our most popular workshop WEAVE & FORAGE.
Do you want to connect with your local environment whilst crafting with your hands?
Have you ever wanted to learn how to identify, prepare, process and weave local plant fibres from your area??
Have you ever wanted to connect with ancestral skills - the skills that all our ancestors called upon for their survival for thousands of years?
Welcome to our WILD WEAVING Workshop
for Beginners - ONLINE edition. 

This WILD WEAVING Workshop is a deep dive into nature connection techniques and the plethora of local plant fibres available to us from nature we can use to weave simple baskets, string and decorations. Let's Get Wild!

Caitlin Weatherstone is an experienced Wildlife Ecologist, natural products creator, wild crafter and nature connection mentor who will show you how to handcraft your own simple woven baskets from local & weed plant fibres such as coastal pandanus, bulrush, lomandra, cabbage & bangalow palm and more. 

After this workshop, you'll be able to confidently identify, prepare and process local, native plant fibres... using your newfound plant allies from your backyard.

We'll also learn simple coil basket weaving and string-making techniques that can be used to make baskets, earrings, table decorations, necklaces, wall hangings, hair pieces, and more!!
Please note: This is a beginners workshop and an introduction to basket weaving/string making and native plant fibres. You will need to continue the practice at home if you'd like to become a skilled weaver and complete larger pieces.

The deets:
When? Date TBC September, 2023 10am - 12.30pm
Where? ONLINE - zoom
Included? Expert tuition on native fibres and woven basket making. 
BYO? Weaving fibres (etc. Raffia, dried native fibres)
Cost? $39 per person (Adult)

BUY TICKETS AT www.lifewild.com.au

P.S. Workshops previously run under the Wild Search Australia name - they are new and improved as LIFE WILD.!

P.s. Sorry, no refunds available. If you miss the workshop you will get the recording sent to you.  

The best? 

You will come away from this workshop passionately inspired and activated, and with all the practical tools and knowledge you'll need to make your own wild-crafted woven items from native plant fibres.

* Please note - we do not teach Aboriginal Australian culture, except when we have an Aboriginal staff member/ mentor present. We mostly teach ancestral skills from our western science perspective with Celtic roots. We have learnt these skills over the years from Mentors from all over - Aboriginal Australians, Americans, Australians, our Celtic roots. All our ancestors, not matter where you are from, practiced these ancestral, primitive survival skills and they are not owned by any one culture, but borrowed and adapted over time from others. That's the beauty of being human.